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What makes us who we are at Chetana.

About Chetana Counselling Center

Pune, India

Chetana Counselling Centre is a private practice and association of mental health professionals with the motto of “Helping you with your life”. We are committed to providing the highest quality outpatient mental health services based in the city of Pune, India. Our Staff is experienced, professional, respectful, non-judgmental, active, positive, and empathetic.

Interdisciplinary staff members are licensed in adult and child psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy.

Individualized Treatment Planning in partnership with our clients, with goal setting and review is our approach. We serve seniors, adults, adolescents, and children. We provide comprehensive services and maintain referral resources for specialized needs and Assessment for all our clients.

Our Process and Approach

The Pre-Assessment Interview…

provides an opportunity for parents to meet with the psychologist to discuss the assessment, give background information concerning the child, and discuss any concerns that they or teachers may have.  They will also receive a number of forms to be filled out by them and/or by the child’s teachers.   This input helps the assessment team to obtain a picture of the child’s functioning in a variety of settings.


is conducted over at least two to six hours of one-to-one test administration.  Subtests measure general intelligence factors, specific cognitive abilities, academic levels, attention, and social and emotional wellbeing.  Subtests are usually short and interesting, and the entire process is interactive and positive.   Children are encouraged to bring a snack and drink, and may take breaks as necessary during the assessment.

A Team Conference…

allows members of the assessment team to discuss their impressions and the testing results.

The Report…

provides a comprehensive picture of the child at the time of the assessment.  Usually about twenty to thirty pages long, it includes the child’s background information, observations of parents and teachers, specific test results, summary and conclusions, and recommendations for home and for school.

The Debriefing…

is a meeting with the child and parents to present and explain the results.  These are explained in positive terms, with emphasis on strengths.  Weaknesses or difficulties are “normalized” by being presented in context, and there is a discussion of strategies to address problem areas as well as areas of strength.  Parents have the option of inviting the child’s teacher or other interested professionals.

Our Goals

To promote mental health and wellbeing (from prevention through to recovery).
To relieve emotional and mental distress.
To empower people to lead a full and independent life as a part of their local community.
To raise public awareness of mental health issues and combat stigma and discrimination.
To assess and treat psychological and cognitive consequences of serious childhood illness and trauma.
To support professionals in the community to treat mild to moderately severe mental illness in children and adolescents.

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Percent of Clients Through Referrals

Besides Self-Referrals, Clients Come to Us Through:

General Practitioner Doctors
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Social Workers

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