Therapeutic Interventions for Children and Adolescents

Chetana Counselling Center serves children, adolescents and young adults too.

We Know What Children, Pre-Teens and Adolescents Need.


Are you a parent concerned about the development of your young child? Our specialists can help you address these concerns.

Pre Teens

If you are a parent worried about your pre-teen, please reach out to us. Young ones about to enter teenager status are deserving of the care they need.


Teenagers and adolescents have special needs as they enter adulthood. If your child is exhibiting alarming behaviour, we can help.

Remedial Education

What is Remedial Education?

Special or Remedial Education helps and motivates children who have difficulty in academic performance. Chetana utilizes the specialized teaching methodology of Orton Gillingham.

How Does This Work?

We work in an intensive one on one form or in a group of four to five children focusing on their own strengths taught here which can be applied in the school environment.


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We provide remedial lessons to increase your child’s ability to read, and our goal is to get your child up to reading at age-appropriate levels required in school.


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Is your child having difficulty writing at age-appropriate levels or does he/she demonstrate delays in writing ability? Our classes address this specific issue.


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Our special educators take care of children who show signs of dyslexia or have trouble spelling. We will work with your child to remedy this and conduct necessary tests.


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Having a healthy vocabulary is necessary for children to adopt so that they can communicate and understand effectively. We offer specialized classes for this issue.

Comprehension Skills

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Is your child facing issues in understanding what he/she is reading or when someone speaks to him/her? Comprehension is addressed in our remedial education.

Grasping Concepts

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If your child is having trouble in school and is not able to process information or learn new concepts, we can help them get focused and improve their grasping power.

Recall and Memory

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We help students to improve their recall and memory of facts and other concepts that have to be learnt by rote. We provide techniques to children for this purpose.


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Mathematics is the foundation of a well-rounded education and we are committed to helping students who are falling behind in their maths skills with our classes.

Applying New Skills

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Applying facts to abstract concepts is what we focus on as well. Children need to be able to develop not only memory but application of skills to analyze ideas.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

What is Psycho-Educational Evaluation?

Depending on the individual needs of your child, our specialists administer tests of intelligence, achievement, personality, cognitive processing, and social/emotional development.

How Does This Work?

Evaluations are usually conducted on a one-to-one basis, confidentially with your permission as a parent or legal guardian at our offices in Fatima Nagar.

The IQ Test

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Designed to test intellectual ability, we administer the Wisc, Malin’s, Bhatia’s Battery, Wais tests to children with concerns of cognition and need for investigating IQ.

Learning Disability

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The Woodcock Johnson’s Battery plus other assessments are for children and adolescents to investigate academic performance in reading, writing, maths skills age-wise and grade-wise.

Attention Deficit

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Attention Deficit Evaluations are offered when inattention, poor concentration, impulsivity, disorganization and/or high activity interfere with a young person’s life.

Neurological Assessments

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Neurological assessments are offered to children and young adults to address concerns with organicity, psychopathology or emotional indicators.

Psychological Testing

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Tests such as CAT, TAT, D-A- M, VSMS are given when a thorough understanding of emotional concerns is indicated, further helping parents, teachers and therapists.

Kindergarten Readiness

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Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations are available to help parents make the important decisions regarding helping their kids with readiness skills required for schooling.

Developmental Assessments

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Developmental assessments are conducted for ages 6 months to 5 years to assess developmental delays in social, cognitive and physical skills (FMS and GMS).

Career Testing

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Tests such as the DAT, IQ and Interest Inventory assess a young person’s academic abilities, cognitive strengths, aptitude and self-reported interests in order to explore potential career choices.

Clinical Assessments

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Clinical assessments can be done with young adults in mind such as the Rorschach, MPQ, Depression / Anxiety scale and OCD scale. These tests reveal their developing personality.

Therapies and Interventions

What are Therapies and Interventions?

With our various offerings for kids and young adults, we take charge of your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and educational development through these programmes.

How Does This Work?

Specialized interventions and therapies are offered to children with emotional or developmental challenges in a safe environment to improve mental health and empowerment.

Social Skills Training

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We provide social skills training that leads to your child transforming into a more confident and socially responsible person despite developmental challenges.

Autistic Children

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Chetana Counselling Center works with autistic children who have been diagnosed by us or externally within the autism spectrum with specialized sensory integration.

Sensory Integration

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If your child has sensory issues and is oversensitive to normal stimuli such as sound or brightness, we can help through our sensory integration interventions.

Anti-Bullying Strategies

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If your child is troubled at school and/or home, it may be due to circumstances such as bullying by peers. We can help your child cope with anti-bullying strategies.

Positivity Training

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Our Positivity Training sessions will lift up your young child, pre-teen or adolescent. It will help them stay aligned and stick to the tasks in the face of challenges.

Collective Trauma

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If your school is undergoing a traumatic event such as a loss of a student / teacher / child, we can facilitate a collective programme for all children affected.

Child Counselling

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Our child specialists provide counselling to children and young adults dealing with with anxiety, depression, ADD, OCD, or any diagnosed mental health disorder.

Children of Divorce

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If you are currently going through a divorce and are wondering what impact this is having on your child, we can step in and help him/her get through this tumultuous time.

Physical / Sexual Abuse

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If you have witnessed or heard a child complaining about physical or sexual violence and abuse, contact us for protocols and help in the child’s healing and recovery.

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